Brisbane Breakfast

Get ready to break that fast Brisbane style! A list of my all-time favourites:

Alcove (Newmarket) – for my all time favourite version of smashed avocado on toast!

Sourdough with avocado, dukka, haloumi and smoked salmon is one of my go-to dishes for a quick cafe breakfast post night shift, even if it means sitting there in scrubs with oversized sunglasses hiding the bags under my eyes.

But literally everything on their menu is incredible, including their coffee!

Mylkko (New Farm) – for some of the biggest and best acai bowls you will literally ever taste.

You will never have a soggy, soupy, thin or lacklastre bowl here. Everything is thick and creamy, laden with topings, packed with nutrition and epic textures of granola and fresh fruit.

Super refreshing in the hot Brissie summer!


PawPaw (Woolloongabba) – a Brisbane institution and one of my regular haunts since medical school days thanks to having plenty of healthy and indulgent breakfast options (like this veggie packed zucchini noodle bowl) and terrific coffee. They’re also open for lunch and dinner as a Thai style restaurant, but they will always have a special place in my heart for breakfast!


The Low Road Cafe (Windsor) – where punk rock meets breakfast chic, it’s sassy food without the sassy attitude. Back in the day they used to make avocado toast using garlic bread (be still my beating heart!) but now you’ll have to settle for savoury french toast, spaghetti, banana split or poached eggs with haloumi instead.

Creative but cool, with the most friendly staff and no ironic hipster moustaches or milk crates to sit on!

Pineapple Express (Hamilton) – acai bowls, protein shakes, everything green and Insta-worthy!

Pretty much everything on their menu gets a big fat tick of approval for nutrient balance, plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and a decent amount of protein. And if you’re dining with a special friend, their breakfast boards for two are massive!



King Arthur (Valley) – an ever changing but always inventive brekkie menu with great coffee. Polenta porridge anyone? What about smoked fish, banh mi, Turkish eggs?

Bread and butter pudding with avocado mousse perhaps?

A bit of a blink and you’ll miss it location but definitely worth a visit.


Miss Bliss (West End) – healthy food has never looked THIS good! If you can think of a breakfast, these guys can give it a healthy makeover of sorts. Anything from salmon to eggs to waffles or this awesome pumpkin spiced porridge (albeit with chocolate but hey, it  was my birthday!). Excellent coffee too.


NoDo Donuts (Valley) – coeliac friendly baked-not-fried donuts, nourishing smoothie bowls, plenty of greens and some of my favourite coffee in town.



Kiss The Berry (Southbank) – for perfectly refreshing acai after a long walk around the Brisbane River, laded with fruit and coconut yogurt. They also serve acai-whip which is like a soft serve hybrid that’s definitely worth a try!