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“Don’t Forget to Chew Your Food”.

I’ve added this element to my blog more as a reminder to myself to slow down every once in a while, as I tend to live life at a million miles an hour. Work life balance is the absolute goal in medicine, but it can seem completely unattainable at times due to the demands of clinical work and study (and family, friends, partners, hobbies, exercise….) You are never too busy to look after yourself though, and even though nourishing the body with healthy food is important, nourishing the mind is just as vital.

This part of my blog is also to keep my attitude in check, as healthy food bloggers can sometimes be incredibly hard on themselves. While I certainly advocate for challenging yourself to try something new and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle, you also need to let go sometimes – and I promise you, the world will not stop turning if you skip Pilates and eat that piece of cake tonight because your hormones say so! (just don’t do it EVERY time!).

Here’s to being balanced – 80% healthy for the body and 20% indulgent for the soul.