Choc Peanut Nice Cream

There are many “nice cream”recipes circulating the internet at the moment, but they often use 5 or 6 bananas – which is quite a lot of sugar! Mine is a lower sugar and slightly more tangy version that still has the creamy consistency you’ll enjoy.

Ingredients (serves 2) 

  • 1 large frozen banana
  • 4 heaped dessert spoons of low fat natural Greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  • Peanuts to serve
  • Chocolate sauce (1 tsp coconut oil mixed with 1 tsp cacao powder)


  1. Place the banana PB and yogurt in the food processor and blend for 2 minutes. The consistency should be fairly thick.
  2. Pour into bowls and top with peanuts and ‘chocolate sauce’

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